Why won’t Barry Obama, the colossal piece of shit stay on vacation for the rest of his life, mind his business, and have the grace to keep out of grown folks business? Business like running the country correctly and constitutionally. He had his chance to lead, and he failed. Big time.

Now, this dog is conducting a shadow government in DC to try and undermine everything that President Trump does. He’s already made a statement that he was “heartened” that his minions were rioting against Trump’s travel ban, now he’s appearing in commercials  sponsored by his grass roots non-profit organization called Organizing For Action.

Organizing For Action was created in 2009 by liberal shitheads during Barry’s first campaign.  Now they are back to protect Obama’s signature legislation- ObamoCare, to fight Trump’s agenda concerning Climate Control and Gun Control; and they are training people to run for public office.

This organization is also holding classes to show other zombies how to riot and protest at Republican and Conservative venues in an effort to thwart facts and information from being disseminated to the voters.

He just refuses to go away.  Barack is a malignant narcissist, and he is trying to protect what he calls his “legacy”. He and Moochelle even have a website where they can be contacted for speaking engagements. I guess they plan to rake in as much as they can. Funny how I didn’t see the Bushes remain in the spotlight after his 8 years were up.

I knew this Indonesian mulatto and his equally despicable wife would be hard to get rid of, but I hope if he doesn’t have the grace, dignity, and foresight to sit his ass on the sidelines and let Trump lead without his insolent, divisive comments, that someone will sit his ass down for good.

He is a fraudulent traitor who needs to be taken care of by firing squad or public hanging, and since he seems to be primed to be a very vocal dissenter and agitator, then he should be treated like the treasonous bastard that he is.

I have struggled not to hate Barack Hussein the sonofabitch, and the stupid ass liberals fu*k-tards- but it is difficult not to strongly dislike someone who has destroyed your country, and who continues to try and usurp your freedoms with his post-presidency leftist organization.

I have never felt such disgust and disdain for an individual, never. He is truly loathsome.

I’ve never wished death upon another individual- but this shitbag deserves it; and I must repent and turn my thoughts to those of love, not hatred. But I really do hope if Barry won’t slither away like the snake that he is and mind his business, then he will become someone else’s business.

Leave us the fu*k alone Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama Subud Soebarkah. Or whoever the hell you really are. We’ll find out.  Or else deal with the outcome of your folly. We’re tired of your shit, and you will not be tolerated any longer. No. You. Can’t. Asshole.

Who’s Your Real Daddy? Can’t be this guy- no way in hell! Now, why would the powers that be arrange for her to say that this African was Barack’s father? My opine is that the Democratic Socialists needed someone the Black base would embrace, and come out to vote for, and what better candidate than a fellow African?

I guess “they” felt if he would have said he was Indonesian, maybe the Blacks wouldn’t receive him as one of their own, and wouldn’t support him enthusiastically.


Must be this guy. Mohammed Subud. In the 60’s, his mother was a member of his Islamic cult innnnn….HAWAIIIII!!!  One thing can’t be disputed…Barry’s mom was a straight up hoe bag who had a penchant for dark meat.  Her recorded dalliances were with men of color. Nothing strange for white liberal women to do, though in the 60’s I’m sure it was quite a sight.

We’ll get the truth very soon. No one spends 4 million dollars to keep their past hidden. Everything hidden must come to the light eventually. I pray it’s immediate.



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