I love it when law enforcement agencies are creative in ways to catch criminals on the run.  The Sheriff’s Department in Brevard County, Florida has a very unique way of broadcasting their fugitives and bringing them to justice.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey and his crew came up with a spin-off of the Wheel Of Fortune. They call it the Wheel Of Fugitives. They place the pictures of criminals on the board, spin it, and where ever the lever lands, that criminal will be called out in the news that day.  Their picture is shown, and the crime they committed is made known to the community.

Sheriff Ivey claims that his fugitive game is effective in catching fugitives, or making them turn themselves in from community pressure.

In Maricopa County, Phoenix AZ, when we had a real Sheriff, Sheriff Joe devised his own sting to catch the runners.

The name of the tv show was called Smile, You’re Under Arrest. Arpaio would send letters to the last known address of the fugitives and tell them they won a substantial amount of cash and prizes in a game they were chosen to play in.

The retards would come down to the address, and local Sheriffs and Corrections Officers would act like they were a part of the staff, and once the criminals were comfortable in the part they were going to play, the Co’s would put the cuffs on them as a part of the game (so they thought).

The Sheriffs would come out of their hiding places, and then you could see the look of defeat on the criminal’s face when they realize they’ve been “had”.

Hey, however you get these bad dudes and dudettes is just fine with me. Just get them off of the streets! Kudos to the cops who keep our streets safe!

P.S. Arizonans need to repeal and replace Pusface Pissant Paulie Penzone, the new Democratic liberal piece of shit George Soros plant who is the new “Sheriff” of Maricopa County. Hard to look at him as someone who wants to keep our streets safe when he’s releasing illegal criminals back onto our streets.



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