I’m not talking about Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah, who is well known for having flies land near his mouth on a few occasions when he was giving a speech. Knowing how flies love shit since I have 5 dogs,   I wasn’t sure if it was because his breath smelled like shit, or if it was a sign from the Universe that the words coming out of his mouth were. Probably both.

No, this time I’m talking about the equally repulsive liberals, anarchists, socialists, communists, and Marxists who have hijacked the original Democratic Party, and have made it into the party of whiny, Domestic Terrorists and stupid human bestial rioting idiots.

Just like in William Golding’s book Lord Of The Flies, where boys were stranded on an island by themselves without adult supervision and some turned into little savage predators, the leftists have been left without true leadership and mature adults for decades, and now the liberal, Democratic Socialist, petulant, misguided kids in adult bodies are showing the world Darwinism in its purest form.

Amoral, immoral, and truly loathsome are liberals, and one has to wonder why these people are here. Why God? What is their purpose in society? To teach us how to love and accept the unlovable?

Like, if you don’t appreciate America with all of her faults and history, then get the fuck out. You don’t have to stay here and be miserable. Go to a country that espouses your beliefs, with your posing, false altruistic selves.

We won’t allow you to turn our country into a third world shithole, we won’t allow you to bully or intimidate us, and we won’t allow you to strangle us with your bullshit PC culture.

I am also extremely angry with Trump’s advisors. I cannot get my head around how a seemingly intelligent group of men, handpicked by Trump did not have the foresight to fire all Obama minions left behind on January 20, 2017.

Why is it, that they did not have procedures in place before January 20th to protect him from potential wiretaps, bugs, or surveillance both at Trump Towers, as well as the White House?

The Motley Crew of pussies in his administration are worthless jackasses.  Bannon and Jared are civilians trying to make their way through the political maze, but Reince Priebus is familiar with the goings on on Capitol Hill, and he knew Obama was/is a fricking snake who shouldn’t be trusted ever, and he should have had all places swept thoroughly for surveillance. So he failed in his duties to keep the President abreast of things already.

I do not understand why the Obama appointee, Cuckolded Comey, was allowed to investigate the leaks and Trump’s assumption that Obama wiretapped his space. Why wasn’t this handled by an independent investigator?

Why didn’t Trump’s advisors demand an independent investigation?  They know damned well Cuckolded Comey cannot be trusted, yet they did not fight this decision.  I just don’t get it, and I am becoming more frustrated by the day at how Trump is allowing himself to be slapped around.

He should have hired Trey Gowdy, a young man who still has a fire in his belly for truth, law, and righteousness. I know without a doubt Gowdy would take all of them down. So why wasn’t he chosen, and Jeff Sessions was?  Just makes no sense if one really wants to drain the swamp.

President Trump is keeping his word as best he can under the current circumstances, and fulfilling his campaign promises.  I just wish he’d wake up and realize being Mr.Nice Guy isn’t going to fly with these anti-American globalist turdboxes. He needs to be the tough, ruthless businessman which made him a billionaire.

No need to be genteel with vipers, sir. Just mow them down, and keep on moving. Nuclear Option all the way for the next 4 years until the Democrats/liberals are destroyed.

Indict Obama, Hillary, and George Soros. They have too much free time on their hands. No need to extend any professional courtesy to Obama, he does not deserve it. Take his ass down like you would anyone else.

Mr. President, Please Continue To Keep Your Promise To



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