President Trump finally gets it, that Ryan’s Bill is a colossal failure and nothing more than Obama Care Lite, and told him to pull the bill and move on!

A thrill ran up my leg when Pissant Paulie had to admit he did not have enough votes for his shitty bill.  How disappointed he looked, that he won’t be able to pocket millions of dollars from Big Pharma for screwing Americans.

In an attempt to remove blame from his person for his failure to garner enough votes for his assinine bill, Ryan said, “Moving from an opposition party to a governing one requires growing pains.”

No asshole, if you would’ve produced a worthwhile bill, it could have passed. Better yet, we don’t want government in our healthcare PERIOD!

Trump should just sign an EO giving individuals the right to choose for themselves. Anything else will not do.

Ruthless Ryan the RINO is a traitor and I’m very happy he fell into his own net and got entangled. The Universe is continually leading Trump around landmines.

Glory, glory hallelujah, we the people hit Paulie with a ruler…his healthcare bill fell dead, in shame he hung his stupid head, because we the people schooled him!

In other news, Intel House Committee Chairman Dumbass Devin Nunes (R-CA) must have received a donation from George Soros, or a threat from ISIS, because now he is saying that Trump was not surveilled by the Obama Administration, but if he was, it would be legal. Say what now?

I should have known that you can’t trust even a Republican from CA.  It must be something in the water.


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