I have not been reporting on daily news or current events because every day it is the same shit, just a different day.  Either they are talking about President Trump and the Russia connection, which has been found to be false, or the Disgusting Democrats are attacking Trump, or a Federal judge is ruling by the color of law and how he or she personally feels about a situation, or the lamenting liberals are rallying and resisting his agenda violently.

It is very frustrating to watch Trump get ambushed by his own people. I personally feel that that RINO asshole Reince Priebus led him down a dark alley in choosing his administration, and concerning that damned Health Care debacle that was thankfully shot down before it had a chance to breathe.

To watch Trump rally behind Putrid Paul’s Obamacare Lite program almost caused me an aneurysm in the process. I was so angry with him that I started getting headaches in my eye. It made me wonder did he even read the damned thing because the proposal did not get rid of Obamacare as he promised, it actually enhanced it!

Candidate Trump pledged to diminish governmental control in our lives…well, putting healthcare back in the hands of the individual would be the first step, but instead, Trump the President opted to keep the Feds in charge.  I am dismayed and disappointed in him in this instance.

So, instead of scouring headlines to report on news which has already been covered by the “Big Boys” a number of times already, I’ve been re-reading Manly P. Hall’s classic The Secret Destiny Of America for the third time, and unless Trump sticks to his guns, we are phucked!

For, America was not created to be the utopia the liberals are fighting for. It was a continent set aside by world leaders in the “humanistic, esoteric, and mystical orders for a world-changing experiment in enlightened self-government and religious liberty.”


Do you now understand why we are treated the way we are, and how our so-called leaders can overlook what we say to do what the hell they want? Because the creator will always believe it should control its creation, so when The Powers That Be and their progenitors feel that we Americans are getting too independent, powerful and big for our britches, they legislate and regulate us back into submission.

What it boils down to is, we have a bunch of global numbnuts who feel they know what is best for society as a whole, and that we (we being the “unenlightened American mob”) are animals who need to be trained, led, and controlled in every area of our lives. This takes away personal responsibility and independence and creates a society which cannot think or perform for itself without being told by Big Brother.

Sadly, there are some sorry ass sycophants who really feel that the government should control everything. Somehow these lame pieces of shit enjoy being a kept man or woman, the parasites! These mutts should get in a tub of cold water and cut their wrists along the veins so as not to miss and wake up still here, and don’t forget to let the water out before they pass out and die. Just worthless jackasses taking up oxygen.

The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion is another book I’ve read a number of times. Oh shut up, I don’t care who wrote it, and I don’t find it to be anti-semitic.  The book exposes the agenda of the elitist oligarchial tyrannical globalist douche bags to enslave the citizens of the world in a One World Order where the rich make and break their own rules, and force “the others” into compliance through fear mongering, regulations, and incarceration.

The problem with humans is some of, no, most of us like to hide our heads in the sand to avoid the cold, hard truth about our government.  They feel if they just don’t talk about it, things will get better.  If we avoid it, it will go away.  How’s that been working out for ya?

We can only win when we educate ourselves and take action.  The Convention of States, and re-instituting the De Jure Grand Juries in each state is a step in the right direction to taking our country back from the interloping global agents.

I suppose once they move on to other current events, I’ll start back reporting. Until then I’ll continue to share what knowledge I come across. Be vigilant, stay encouraged, and never give up the fight. Cause the liberals, feminists, communists, and socialists won’t.


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