Well, now it all makes sense.  I could not for the life of me understand why President Trump seemed to be going off the rails on Health-Care, and his advisors appeared to be doing nothing to halt the train wreck.

Here is the reason why Trump is running around looking crazy concerning the Health-Care debacle- Trump’s Senior Advisors Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon are fighting for control of Trump’s ear and his mind!

Instead of doing their J.O.B. and protecting President Trump and advising him like they were hired to do, they are volleying to take up space inside of Trump’s head.

A senior official within the administration said “[The] Big fight is between nationalists and the “West Wing Democrats.”

In other words, the fight is between Jared and his technocratic ideology, and Steve’s nationalistic and patriotic one.

Sorry folks, but I’m with Steve on this one because under a technocratic government society would be controlled by “scientists, engineers, technologists, and experts in any field, instead of elected representatives”.

No thank you. We’ve already had our fill of the kooky scientists and their climate change bullshit, and while it may be insightful to have members of certain specialties/industries around for counsel, I do not believe that they should be elected just because they are specialists in any particular field.

Their personal opinions and beliefs would form their laws also, and having expertise in a subject does not take precedence over emotions. Liberals tend to rule from emotions rather than facts.


Word on the street is Kushner is questioning every move Bannon makes and complaining about him to whoever will listen.

Kushner was a Democrat before becoming a part of the Trump administration.  Of course, he would have an issue with a right winger like Bannon.  Their ideology is as different as Islam is to Christianity.

However, one thing they both agreed upon, was that Ryan-Care was a disaster waiting to happen and that Trump should have abandoned Ryan and the Gutless Oaf Party from day one on this matter.

Listen, I don’t know what the hell is really going on, but Jared and Steve need to put the ruler down and work together to watch out for President Trump, protect him, advise him, and inform him properly so we can get this country healthy again.

It is a pleasure watching President Trump keep his word like no other President has. I hope his team gets it together quick and stop making him look inept.

Maybe that’s the goal, because Rheumy Reince Priebus, an establishment clown should be able to lead Trump around the landmines, but he’s walking him right over each one of them.  I guess Trump believes in keeping the enemy close.

I have faith that Trump will find his way out of the forest and all of the traps that were set for him to fail. They will fall into their own nets and expose themselves…like they are doing right now.



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