Chimps were used, because out of the 6-8 animal species with the strongest familial bonds, I found pictures with only chimps wearing similar headgear representative of each group of cray crays. I know how you black supremacists like to ass-ume. Get over it!


The Moors, Black Hebrew Israelites, and Black Jews each claim to be the lost religion of the ancestors of slaves. Hmmm okay.

I understand that some blacks need to have a nationality, a tribe, a rich history besides slavery to feel pride and to feel good about themselves.  They need an identity, a feeling of belonging and will latch onto one of the above groups to find kinship with other like-minded brown skinned people.

These people are bogged down with history, which they say “prove” blacks were kings and queens of dynasties, wealthy, educated, trend-setters, builders, doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc… which is nice to know, but what difference does it make today?

Maybe having this information makes some brown skinned people walk with their back a little straighter, or makes them feel worthy, or raises their self-esteem…or something, and I guess for some it enriches their lives.

But for some brown-skinned individuals, this knowledge has made them more angry, more bitter, and more depressed, and feeling like they were taken advantage of…because what do you do with this information? It hasn’t made the children of the ghettos get off of their asses and go get a j.o.b. But it has caused them to lash out in anger. Good job, black supremacists.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to know, but it does nothing to better my life today. Whatever my ancestors accomplished during their time on earth has no bearing on what I do today. They forged their way, and now I must continue to forge mine.

Asamatteroffact, I see this separation as another diversion to keep blacks thrown off guard to who they really are.  If man can separate people by nationalities, cultures, skin hue, and religion, then man can also manipulate and control the emotions of said groups through a number of external factors.

The Advahuta Gita of Dattatreya, The Kolbrin Bible (Sons of Fire Chapter), The Kyballion, and the Emerald Tablet of Hermes are just a few books which specifically tells man who he is, and it has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin, their creed, faith, ethnicity, nationality, or religion.


The Universal Creative Energy, “God” has chosen to express Itself in many different hues.  Man has chosen to differentiate those hues to fit man’s agenda of control.  The Self does not seek to control other parts of Itself because every life has Its own course to take to the evolution of its soul. Only flesh and ego seeks to manipulate other humans.

The religious documents, -aka- the Bible, the Quran, the Talmud, etc are not to be taken literally. Even the bible says the letter (law) killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Allah, Buddha never existed in this life. They were and are levels of consciousness, and yet people kill, judge, and ostracize in the name of these idols. This is my opinion, and I Am entitled to it.

Individual lives are destroyed in the name of these idols.  All because men with egos decided to take these esoteric documents which they could not understand the mystical and hidden messages of, and make people believe the information contained within really happened… i.e. crossing of the Red Sea is really a parable about blood circulating the body and one’s emotions, and “Saviors” dying for their people is really describing the complete killing of one’s ego which releases the Divinity within man, and it coming forth in all of Its Glory and power.

Prophets, teachers and the like which are mentioned in religious documents as leaders, are not flesh and blood men and women, but your  Higher Self or Consciousness communing with your soul and educating you on those things you need to know and do.

One might say it’s a “gut check”, an unction, a “knowing” that does not come from another flesh and blood man, but from the God within.  Any other “Profit” is a liar and a thief making a living off of gullible people.

The Moors want you to give them $125 for a Moorish American Citizenship (WTF) and for them to file your UCC, and $125 for a Moor ID Card. Unfuckingbelievable. Scam.

However, in 2011 I did it myself after studying Common Law with the Sovereign Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM) for about 1 year before I felt confident to send my UCC1/addendum through the system.  It worked, the UCC1/addendum was filed & a seal attached, and I moved on with my life.

Besides, even though the members of the Moor society has tried to refute the evidence, it was found that their leader Noble Ali Drew plagiarized his so-called Allah inspired Holy Koran -aka- the Circle Seven Koran (1928) through rampant usage of The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ (Levi, 1901), and the words of de Laurence’s Infinite Wisdom (1923) to name a couple of occurrences of his theft of words.

I asked a Moor why would Allah give one Koran and set of principles to the Arab Muslims through Mohammed in 600CE or whenever, and then in 1928 he gives another Koran and set of principles to the Moors or the Black Muslims through Noble Drew Ali. I’m still waiting for my answer.

So much for retrieving history from the Akashic Records for himself like a true “prophet” would!

I studied on-line with the unilluminated, lost Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI) for a little while.  I couldn’t take the constant hatred, vitriol, anger, whining, begging for money, infighting, and complaining.

Those damned fools drain all of your soul with their diseased minds.  I had to get the hell away from them. I wasn’t built for that type of, of, of I don’t know what the fuck to call it. Very dark. How are you teaching the word of God with hatred in your heart? Sick.

There was a BHI sect called the Gathering of Christ Church (GOCC) which encouraged many people to leave their jobs, empty their bank accounts, and go to Egypt where they basically became slaves to work for the organization.

These poor souls were essentially stuck in Egypt because they didn’t keep any of their money that they brought with them or their passports, due to the fact that they turned everything over to their “Profits” when they entered the country. Scam.

I believe historically, the only real African Jews are the Ethiopians, Sephardi, and Mizhari Jews of North Africa and the Horn of Africa. So unless you have had a DNA test and it says you are from one of these tribes, stop claiming you are an African Jew. Stop being so pitiful.

That’s the problem with black folks now. Instead of trying to live in the ancient past and glory of their ancestors, they should be using that wonderful DNA to be all they can be today. And tribal/flag affiliations are for the weak. Learn to stand on your own and do for yourself, and stop depending on someone else to spoon feed you knowledge.

Blacks have taken advantage of and sharecropped other blacks for centuries, yet they only point the finger at other races to blame for their sorry lot in life.

Man is supposed to work out his own salvation, not look to another man to tell him what thus saith the Lord (Law).  The kingdom of God is within, not without. No man should be able to rise up and declare himself a Prophet unto other men to lead men to their idea of salvation, according to their erroneous misinterpretations of religious documents.


Referring to myself as a black, brown or man of color doesn’t take away from my Divinity.  I am not bothered by these words, or how other people may have used them as dysphemisms.

I don’t sweat the small shit, and yes to me it is small-minded to be so paranoid and neurotic about the words brown, black, or color that you have to refute them all of the time.  You don’t have liberty, you are bound to ideologies.

I do my best to avoid talking to Blacks Supremacists, yes that’s what you are at your core. Who the hell wants to have to think about what not to say when talking to you people?

This ignorance is what prompted me to write about these groups after I used the words “men of color”, black, brown in a conversation, and was told by a so-called Moor “don’t call me black, that means death, don’t call me a man of color because I’m not colored… these names and descriptions were given to us through colonialism”, or some dumb shit like that. Ugggggggggg, how pathetic.

To be this anal retentive is absurd, and actually, depicts the thought process and obsessing of mental lilliputians.

So what am I saying exactly? I’ll leave you with some morsels from Advahuta Gita:

“I am verily the Reality, free of such blemishes as attachment. I am verily the Reality, free of such blemishes as destiny. I am verily the Reality, free of the grief caused by transmigratory existence.  I m the nectar of Knowledge, homogenous existence, like the sky.”

“I have told thee all that is essential. There is neither thou, nor anything for me or for a great one; nor is there any teacher or disciple. The supreme Reality is natural and exists in Its own way. I am the nectar of Knowledge, homogenous Existence, like the sky.”

Luke 17: 20-21 “And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Unless you have had DNA testing that proves you are from one of the aforementioned ethnicities, stop claiming them! You were born in America and that makes you an American whether you like it or not!


Good starter books to study for yourself! Learn who you are. You are much more than a Nationality, ethnicity, ancestry, tribal indentification, or the color of your skin. Read!!! Meditate!!! Go into YourSelf. Listen to your own voice.

God is no respecter of persons. No group is highly favored over another. That is man made bullshit. God is in all and through all. Everyone was created equally.  No group of people have more of the essence of God in them than the next. Point. Period. Blank.

That lie needs to stop about the current Khazars/Ashke-nazis who are claiming superiority to all others too. Everyone is special because everyone has God in them if they are alive and breathing.

Why would God love Himself more in one set of people, and less in the “others”? Just dumb rationale.


You don’t need anyone to lead you! Study to shew thyself approved unto the God who lies within you!




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