Divergent News Media, -aka- RantRave News was created to offer a quirky, eccentric, weird, but well-researched perspective on current events.

The editor is an Army Vet, a Black Man, an enigmatic, socially awkward curmudgeon with a sarcastic sense of humor, who loves to expose, and write articles about  Democrats, socialists, liberals, progressives, Black Nationalists, the NAACP, and anyone else who espouses these retarded ass ideologies which have never worked anywhere, for anyone! Just ask the Cubans, or the North Koreans, or the Chinese.

At DNM the news is repeated and reported in a non-biased, raw, easy to read, uncut bi-partisan, op-ed style. Due to the fact that our present media is no longer genuine or trustworthy, it is imperative that independent muckrakers and journalists get the true news out to the public, and I’m proud to be a part of the underground media news sources.

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