I Am Not A Republican, I Am An Independent



Kanye’s I Is Free- Give Us Us Free -Fresh Off The Plantation Dance

I Am NOT A Republican! I Am An Independent voter who is an American Army Veteran who loves his country and does not want to see it turned into Obama’s vision of how a country should be, Communism.

I only vote on two issues with the Democrats. One is for the Medical and Recreational Legalization of Marijuana, of which I am a cardholder in Arizona.

I will NEVER give up my Arizona ID until Georgia comes to its damned senses and stop with the mid-evil, archaic “Reefer Madness” bullcrap, and get it done already.

This is nothing more than judgemental jackwagons pontificating THEIR self-righteous, pious opinions on us bad reefer smokers, while they chug down beer, liquor, or prescription pills with alcohol.

Like what in the hell gives a group of adults the rulership over how another group of adults reach their oblivion? You like to drink, I like to smoke..what gives already? Kids get a hold of what ever the hell they want to, and there is always some adult who will get them what they want.

So stop trying to use this age old excuse as to why you won’t legalize marijuana. You just don’t like the idea of the “homies” enjoying themselves and chilling out, while you sit back with your evening drink.

I’d like to legally sit down in Georgia with an evening joint or extract if I want. I especially like the extracts because they are higher in THC and you can really get a great meditation in.

It is akin to salvia, or dmt, or ayahuasca and amanita. I’ve experimented with all of the above many times.

Just wow is all I can say. It’s the reason why the government don’t like marijuana or marijuana concentrates especially because it does open your mind to other dimensions.

I also vote with them to allow the LGBT Community freedom to express themselves, get married, what ever they want to do with their lives as long as it’s two consenting adults, or age appropriate kids- just like with heterosexuals.


I fail to understand why the Christians Cherry Pick which scriptures to exploit. Y’all love to condemn the LGBT to hell, using scriptures from the bible to do so from the Old and New Testaments.

Meanwhile, Jesus had already schooled His Disciples on this “gay” thing.In Matthew 19:11-12 Jesus told His Disciples there are three reasons why a “man” won’t marry.

1- He is MADE a Eunuch by other men. Kings use to make eunuchs out of the men assigned to watch his harem so they wouldn’t have sex with them while they were in battle.

2- He makes himself one for the kingdom by deciding not to marry like Paul so he can fast and pray without worrying about someone else needing his attention.

3- Now here’s the BIG one. The one Christians always seem to overlook. The last way a man can be a eunuch is if HE IS BORN ONE FROM HIS MOTHERS WOMB!!

Do you understand what “born” means? How many lives have you destroyed trying to force someone to change when Jesus said they ARE BORN EUNUCHS FROM THEIR MOTHER’S WOMB??

How many people supposedly had the homosexual spirit cast out of them in Jesus Name, when Jesus is the one who said they were BORN THAT WAY? This is only one of many reasons why I left Christianity over 20 years ago, became a Rosicrucian and began my journey to Enlightenment.


After I ran away from Christianity, I’ve read many different books, studied different religious documents, and gained different perspectives on many things.

As a Christian, I’ve been a Baptist, Holiness, Apostolic, and COGIC. I’ve been a Jew, a Black Hebrew Israelite, a Buddhist, a Yogi, a New Ager. Now I AM who I AM. I listen to no one but the guru within which knows all and is all.

So- Christians are confusing Eunuch (H5631) with Qadesh (H6945), which is a temple prostitute. The men would go to these great feasts to worship a deity, and there were these lady boys who hung around the temple to have sex with the “tourists”.

Now these men were supposedly straight heterosexual men in their home towns, some married; but when they would go to these feasts, some of them would sleep with the temple gay men as an offering, but then would go back to their village as though nothing happened.

This got back to Paul that these men were dipping…we call it DL today, and that’s when he wrote Romans 1:28 or whatever that scripture is Christians like to quote when they condemn gays. i use to use it also when I was an ignorant Apostolic Jesus Name Only miscreant.


I do however, especially now, vote straight Republican. We have to rid our country of this cancer Communism and Marxism. It was difficult to see just how much this ideology had a hold on America until Trump won, and all of the crazies came out full force.

I was truly astounded by the number of people who hate America, and Trump, who saw America in the state she was, ran, and was elected by WE THE PEOPLE to straighten this mess out, and it is truly a mess, a horrible one.

Because the Democrats/Obama ran this country without law and order, disregarding the Constitution and ruling by Executive Orders to enact their evil globalist agenda. It’s a damned shame people can’t see past the free stuff, it really is.

America is truly the last free country on earth, which is why the globalists are fighting so hard to take it down by infiltrating it with refugees and illegals.


Where do you think they put these people? In minority neighborhoods, blacks and latinos to be more pointed. Why? Because the govt believes you are basically nobodies, and it is their pleasure to replace us with another brown race who will be more, uh, “grateful” to the Democratic Party for “saving” them.

Even Roland Martin admitted that Blacks were fully Republican, until Republican Presidential Candidate Barry Goldwater said that he would not vote for the Civil Rights Act for Blacks and Women AS IT WAS WRITTEN, because he feared Federal Overreach.

He wanted them to change the wording- but of course Democrats and the complicit media ran with Goldwater refused to vote for the Civil Rights Act because he’s racist, never stating his true words.

Of course Blacks never find out the truth about anything, and ran with Republicans hate Blacks and Blacks left the Republicans and joined the Democratic Party and never looked back.

Blacks who discovered and ACCEPTED the TRUTH about the Democratic Party left and either joined the Republicans or Independents.


Kanye Baffles The Left. They Don’t Get Metaphors.


YEEZY’S “Off The Plantation, I Is Free To Think And Feel For MySelf,  Freedom Dance”

All Of A Sudden The Left Doesn’t Get Kanye’s Metaphors

Shows you how unintelligent “BLM” (my pet name for Democrats, the NAACP, Black Supremacists, The Left et.al) is and how Reading Between The Lines takes LOGIC.

No wonder the Left is foaming at the mouth and convulsing on the floor with a full on melt down because they didn’t get Kanye’s metaphor about slavery. Funny how y’all “get” his deep metaphors any other time 😜

Here’s what Kanye said during a recent TMZ interview:

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years?! That sounds like a choice. Like, you were there for 400 years and it’s all of you all? You know, it’s like we’re mentally in prison. I like the word prison ’cause slavery goes too — too direct to the idea of blacks,” he said in the interview. “So prison is something that unites us as one race, blacks and whites being one race. We’re the human race.”

I believe what Ye was saying is that slavery lasted for 400, but none of us were there during slavery.

And yet here were are today, with choices and the ability and FREEDOM to think for ourselves- still with a slave mentality, afraid to think for ourselves, speak up for ourselves, sticking to a line of thought that we’re not really comfortable with just because we’re black.

He’s telling the truth. Why cant we have Independent Thought, and why shouldn’t we voice them? Because they go against the Black Supremacist’s narrative? They don’t speak for me, nor millions of other blacks and POCs.

Any intelligent person would ask themselves WHY are the Hip Hoppers (Democrats) trying to shut Kanye down for thinking differently? If what they believe is right, then why are they afraid of the challenge from one of their own? I thought we wanted to talk about things in America?


He Tried To Step Off Of The Plantation But He’s Not Ready. He Ran Back. 😔

I believe Kanye is a very shrewd man, and he watched Trump for 18 months fulfill every promise he made to his base.He sees how America is thriving again, moving forward with jobs, manufacturing is back full throttle, stocks are rising, and there are so many jobs available, states are giving bonuses to lure people to move to their state to fill job positions.

[This wasn’t happening under Obama- he’d regulated America to the point where there were no jobs for the common man. People were going on Welfare and unemployment because CEOs were moving their businesses overseas because Obama ran them off deliberately so he could begin building a Communist country here in America.]

[But “God” has blessed America and hasn’t allowed that political cancer to overtake us, though we did get close with Obama. All you have to do is look at N Korea, Cuba, Venezuela to see how Communism ravages and destroys an entire country. Don’t let them romanticize communism.]

Sorry, back to Kanye- So he sees that all of that b.s. the Left is spewing is just that- he sees that the Mueller investigation is really a witch hunt, he sees that HilLIARy is the one with deep connections to Russia- Uranium 1, and she also helped them build Skolovo, a Russian Version of Silicon valley. Now why would she want to help Russia’s technology??? I KNOW Roland didn’t tell you this!

Ye discovers that Senators from BOTH sides have met with Russian Ambassadors as this is protocol, he sees how the Clinton’s got away with crimes the regular guy would’ve been thrown under the prison for. She can break government phones so the material can’t be read, send Top Secret materiel by her MAID, Bleach her server to get rid of all evidence- and a sailor goes to jail for years for taking a pic in a submarine to send to his family.

Look at how the left has attacked Kanye for expressing his opinions. Ol fish eye fool Maxine said he spoke out of turn. WTF does THAT mean? The NAACP and Democrats own us now? No, they own YOU the Black Blind Democrat.

Since when can’t you speak YOUR truth IN AMERICA??? Y’all just mad Kanye is really WOKE and off the NAACP and Democratic Plantation. Bless Him.


I’ll bet Kanye read these books, or material like them. Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow.

The Truth About Obama


I’m just leaving this link. If you want to know the truth about this man Barack Obama Soetoro Soebarkah who had all of his records sealed for 8 years (no other President has ever done this before), then click on it.

But only go to the site if you’re ready for the truth and to step off of the Democratic and NAACP’s Plantation.

This link will also let you in on the secrets the Left MSM conveniently forgot to tell you.

P.S. Do you see how crazy Hip Hop has become? Because Kanye is speaking his truth and no longer keeping up the lies of the Globalists, they have enlisted the Crips to put a hit out on him!

I don’t see how any logical, rational, decent human being could still identify with Hip Hop, the NAACP, or the Democrats at this point. It’s really a damned shame to attempt to put pressure on Kanye to back down from his truth and conscience by threatening his life.

Kanye Goes Rogue LMAO


Welp. It was only a matter of time before this happened. Affirmations are crystallizing into occurrences and physical forms.

The pendulum is now swinging away from the globalists. They lost their opportunity to enact their agenda.  This is why the Democrats are acting buck wild.

First the Democrats  lost a rigged election. I mean they even had the voting machines (George Soros’) hooked up to cast votes for Clinton/Kaine, but people were ready and reported those machines, which were by the hundreds of thousands.

Then they ran the Russia shit until detailed accounts of Democrats meeting with Russian diplomats, the Hillary Uranium 1 deal, her assisting the Russian govt to set up Skolkovo (a Russian type of Silicon Valley), the DNC paying GPS Fusion to create a fake dossier on Trump, and other crimes against America exposed their lies.

Then they tried to appeal to the morality of Trump’s supporters by dragging Stormy Daniels to the court to claim she slept with Trump while he was married to Melania. But we didn’t care.

So out of sheer, pitiful desperation the Crooked FBI broke attorney client privilege and raided Trump’s personal lawyer to try and find something or plant something on Trump since the Russia crap fell through.


Now the Democrats are suing the RNC, Trump and Russia for collusion to disrupt the 2016 election. What’s the definition of insanity again? Just unbelievable.

The great news is the Democrats are pissing off voters with their ridiculous antics, vitriol and histrionics. People are beginning to see what’s going on and they don’t like it, and they are jumping the Democrat’s sinking ship, and joining the Trump Train!

If you have a mustard seed of decency, you realize by now all of this obstruction against Trump from the politicians on both sides, and the darling mainstream media’s daily mudslinging parties is due to the fact that he threw a wrench in their plan to globalize America.

You can’t even begin to fathom the amount of cash passed around by the globalists as they bought pieces of America to profit off of.  Hillary and Obama has to pay that money back to their benefactors out of personal funds or that private flush fund they were splitting.

Kanye is the first mainstream hip hopper to firmly break ranks and speak his conscience.

And after not toeing the black liberal line, not only did Kanye wear a MAGA hat, he also tweeted this-

I can only imagine the turmoil in Hollywood when Kanye started tweeting his love and support for Trump. It sweets my soul.

Of course the left is mad as hell and claims he’s crazy- but Kanye’s not crazy. He’s self-realized and he doesn’t need the approval of his “peers”.  I admire him for this stance, because as the Trump Presidency has continued to improve the lives of Americans, even the rap artists have to admit Trump is one of the best Presidents this country has ever had.

But they are too frightened to show their support for fear they won’t get work, no one will make an album or a movie with them if they appear to side with Trump. It’s a damned shame and proof of group think, and mob thought and the bullying that goes with it.

And then it gets worse… here comes the Calvary- Chance The Rapper? Rut-Roh the left is in serious trouble now. You do reap what you sow eventually.


No we don’t Chance. You finally got the memo. Stop giving millions to the liberal education system to facilitate liberal lies. The kids need to know that Blacks were Republican for hundreds of years until the Democrats started giving us free shit.

And Of Course Kim Backs Her Man


Nothing is wrong with it Kim. That’s what we Black Conservatives have been trying to tell you. It’s okay to do empirical research for yourself, and come to independent conclusions. You don’t have to, and shouldn’t be bullied into believing a certain way because of the color of one’s skin.

We have different experiences which shapes our belief system, and they should be respected.

Some people eat popcorn and watch the show. I’d rather DAB!


And I predict that more eyes are opening, the fog and “curse” is now lifted and black people are truly awakening to the subterfuge of the Democrats/left.

The Democrats are a political party which campaigns on taking care of illegals and refugees before American citizens, fighting against building a wall for National Security, protecting illegal aliens in their Sanctuary cities; and, they promise to raise taxes after Trump just lowered them.

The Democrats do not care about their constituents. They just need you to keep voting against your own interests.

But they keep getting richer and more powerful and demand you give up your freedom and liberty so the government can take care of or rather control you. Just look at all of the homeless and hungry in America, but they want to bring even more illegals and immigrants and refugees here, when we can’t even take care of our own. What the hell?? Yeah the gubment is doing a hell of a job protecting people. Harumpf.

And guess what people? America isn’t the richest country in the world. Just the freest. And we want to keep it free, and we will fight to keep it out of the hands of the globalists.

Kanye is a freethinker and independent in action. It will be interesting to see what transpires. He’s pretty headstrong but we’ll see if he and Kim can withstand the peer pressure this time. The last time they caved

America was meant to be an experiment. You’ll need to read The Secret Destiny of America by Manly P Hall to discover their plans for America. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is now in effect.

IMG_20180425_210623As you can see my books are dog-eared from many years of reading and studying to shew myself approved to the God within me.

As you seek the truth with everything within you, It will be revealed.

The Tool Of The Globalists



Yes Christians this is true. The Globalists -aka- Communists, -aka- Democrats are using your Bible against you.

By your own beliefs, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation of scriptures you are beginning to reap your destruction.

The bible is derived from many different ancient religious books and moral codes.  You must investigate this for yourself, the info is there.

I will go into it deeper when I can,  because right now I’m enjoying the economic growth of my companies due to Trump removing the Obama Communist Regulations; but I recommend you look at this video  to start, and check out my YT channel.

So here’s a quick synopsis. Brown colored people were thriving in Egypt/Africa. We had Spiritual Gifts that we used naturally because we understood we were gods who had great mental/spiritual powers (how do you think the Great Pyramids were erected?)

The explorers (white men) happened upon this thriving Egyptian Nation and exploited it, ran the people towards Ghana/Benin where wars began to erupt as the cultural and religious differences grew between the brown skinned tribes.

The Egyptians knew they were gods, creators because that’s what they’d experienced…their greatness, not praying to some unknown God outside of themselves like the Ghanaians did.

Okay so skip past slavery for right now because I want to hit real quick on Bible Gate.

The white invaders learned the ancient secrets of the Universe (man creates his life through his thoughts and feelings/emotions & much more) from the Egyptians and used that knowledge to dominate the world and gain obscene wealth (the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers et.al).


But The Powers That Be gave the world at large something to control them.  Something to limit them. Something to keep people in fear. Something they can use against the populace at will.

The “Holy” Bible.

The people who constructed this book did so with esoteric knowledge and preserved the ancient secrets with wonderful stories about crossing the Red Sea and Jonah in the belly of the whale and other fantastic happenings.

However, the main weapon from the bible that the globalists use against Christians is you reap what you sow.

In other words your very own thoughts, emotions, feelings, and words will visit you through experiences and occurrences.

So they put certain things in the bible for you to teach, embody and believe with all of your heart; knowing that the energy of millions of people believing something will cause it to manifest physically.

(Which is why there are instances where people are healed without once uttering the name Jesus, because it is all about the energy and belief one puts into a name or a person, and that could be anyone, or any name, or no name at all. Sorry but I have proven this for myself and there’s nothing any Christian can tell me about my empirical experience. I’ve healed in Jesus Name, and healed just focusing my energy on the issue.)

This is why you’re being persecuted and killed globally, because you’ve preached and taught this for centuries, almost with a kind of sick twisted glee.

But none of those things happened. Those stories are parables to hide the powerful secret of man’s true nature… Divinity.

Unfortunately most all of the people in charge practice this knowledge in some form and they only pass this knowledge on to family and friends so that they could thrive and be extremely rich like The Kardashians, and other celebrities, professional athletes, and of course “politicians”.

The rest of the unenlightened (masses) are cogs in the machine, living paycheck to paycheck, on top of one another, struggling, sick, fearful…Christian.

There were at least 16 other “Saviors” who died for the sins of their people, who were on the scene before Jesus Christ…look it up.


I encourage you to cry out and ask God to show you the truth. You must be willing to give up everything you were taught,  empty yourself and learn.

666= 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons, Carbon, DNA, MAN. Lucifer is Phosphorus, not satan or the devil. So much to unlearn, so much to teach, and so little time to do it.

Are The Christian Ten Commandments plagiarized from the Egyptian 42 Principles of Maat? I think so. Have you read the “forbidden books”- books outside of your authorized reading list? You should.

The Globalists gave you Jesus, garnered up energy and belief around this persona; and, they gave you  heaven and hell to keep you in fear and in line; and to deter you from knowledge of your true nature and power (which of course they are privy to this “secret” and they use it against you).

I know…it’s frightening to embark on a different trail other than the road of fear (it was for this church boy also ) but it is oh so rewarding when you learn the truth about how this world operates- on energy, thoughts and emotions, and not the fear of pissing off God.

May the light of the truth bathe your consciousness in enlightenment and illumination.


You can find free PDFs of these books online. You’ll want to read them and apply the knowledge. Also read The Kyballion. Everything is energy.

If you believe in the bible as being the word of God, you’ll want to look at THIS! What an eye opener. I do not apologize for waking you up.

P.S.  GOOGLE Black Law Dictionary (BLD)human being  Monster; and BLD person. Now you know why the courts and judges treat citizens the way they do. You’re Welcome.




What do you do with someone who has moved past the Jesus that the One World Order has given to the masses to control them through fear of an angry God who wants to punish them for disobeying him, and who will either send them to heaven for obeying His Laws, or send them to hell for their “sins”?

There’s nothing you can do to an individual who is truly raised. Not just some member of an organization where you go through their initiations (passing tests, etc) and still don’t know the entire truth.

Once I threw off and denounced the lies of Christianity- I started out as a Rosicrucian AMORC (as a matter of fact I’m still on their member list), learned their way mystically, stayed with them for about 4 years, but didn’t like the fact I had to pay dues and they were still regimental and controlled how one thought, and was too ritualistic for me.

I was led down a different path to meditation, kundalini, and enlightenment.  I wasn’t a member of anything. I rejected what outside voices said, and I did it by Myself, in the dark sarcophagus of my mind and my thoughts and my emotions… learning how to still the rage and anger that most men allow to overtake them. Controlling the flesh through fastings, sitting in silent meditation daily, raising the Inner Self and allowing It to take over my brain and heart- and lead me down the path of righteousness and Real Truth.

This took about 5 years to accomplish by MySelf, and I Am still learning every day.

I Am experiencing Pure freedom from dogma, propaganda, lies and revisionists of history, because I have My direct line to Source whose eyes I see through, and whose ears I hear through and whose voice and unction that I listen to only. I only listen to my own intuition, and It always shows me the most perfect way for me.

So I guess with this insight I allowed ego to overtake me and berated those who are still in the dark mentally, psychologically, and most of all, spiritually.

When I first started my Face Book page, it was to talk about Illumination, Awakening of Ones Soul, Enlightenment, the Law of Attraction and other mystical things.

I’d walked away from my political You Tube page blkmanhatesobama01 because after 6,7 years of fighting with blacks, liberals, communists I’d had enough. I still leave the page up because I have over 100 videos of great information, but I just couldn’t do it any more.


I was warring with the Grand Architect within, who I’d invited to take over this life, and who was trying to show me that love was the way to deal with these things. I didn’t want to love, I wanted to lash out and hurt those people that I decided I despised with as many hurtful words as I could hurl.

However, the constant negativity was destroying me, and my marriage, because I was always angry, mad, and that energy transferred over into my marriage and boy was it rough for a few years. But we are back better, deeper in love and stronger than ever!

So I left that morbid political arena, reconnected with, or rather resumed my place as Source in this human body and started to perform my service to mankind as a teacher of ancient truth, and healer of diseases.

Then Trump decided to run for POTUS, and I stayed out of it until I did some empirical research on Trump (because I already knew who the Communists, I mean the Democrats really are) and I found a man who truly loves his country, and wanted to restore our freedom and values, and I got on the Trump Train.

I was only supposed to be aboard the Trump Train until the election that he won fair and square. And then once the Communists started acting up, and everybody, and I mean everybody started attacking Trump and his policies that were making America Great Again- I decided to stay on and help fight for my country. I Am an Army Vet and Oath Keeper.

But guess what? I willingly dragged myself back into the political fray that I’d walked away from 3 years earlier, and I allowed myself to get back into the name calling rut and fighting with black liberals, white liberals, Mexican liberals, Muslims- just putting all kinds of bad and negative energy out into the Universe that came back to bite me in my ass.

I hadn’t been sick in yearrrrsss, not where I needed to go see someone. I usually just speak the word, meditate and heal my own body. So I knew I was back off balance in my body, spirit and soul when I couldn’t even heal myself.

I find myself having to walk away again, because when you know truth but continue to go against your own Self, you’re setting yourself up for destruction. Because by my own words, actions, and energy I was condemning myself. How crazy is that?

I came to this earth and entered this body and life to Raise MySelf and be of service to Mankind, and that is one of a healer and teacher, and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m leaving the political crap to the lower vibrating humans- the Will of the Universe will be done no matter what.


I got caught up in the mass mind of fear, division, and hatred, the carnal mind, the mind that is the broad road the bible was talking about, the road where all human thoughts and emotions (Energy) is contained.

These thoughts, emotions and energy is transmitted in the earth, and “picked up” (received) and acted out by the humans who are susceptible to those lower vibrations. And there I was in the midst of this confusion adding to the chaos and bad energy. And boy did I pay!

If and when I do post either here or on my FB page, it will most likely either be me just sharing something I found but not expounding on it (getting emotional and caught up in the energy of the situation), and, definitely I’ll be sharing some things I’ve learned along the way- my 20 year journey to the truth of who man really is at his core.

It takes a lot of courage, strength and determination to walk away from a “religion” and religious group thinking, where you’ve believed a certain way for most of your life (Jesus, salvation, going to heaven, going to hell); to entertain another path to The Creator, but I did it and I’m glad I did!

I want to share this ancient truth with other people who are bogged down with religious ideology and bound up in guilt. That’s what I’m supposed to be doing. Not fighting some worldly fight, but equipping others to find their Inner Self and Power.

That’s what the powers that be don’t want the commoners to find out- who they really are, their Inner God Self. The powers that be discovered the ancient truth, passed it down to their family members only, and have kept it from the world at large- which is why Us 1%rs are few in number, while there’s many on that broad road of want and lack.

It’s because we’ve taken Psalm 82:6 to heart, literally and it has proven to be a true statement. And once you can embrace this scripture as truth, you will find your life changing before your very eyes. The bible will make sense to you, for you will see it as the mystical and esoteric document that it is, full of parables to lead mankind to the true light of his being.

It’s always amazed me since coming to this great illumination and emancipation, how Christians can choose which part of the bible they want to take as literal and parables.

Jesus said we’d be just like him even greater, and he said he and the Father were one, and that he was one and the same as the Father, which is God, but who am I to judge? I too was blind and taught misinterpretations of the bible in darkness.

So yeah, I’m going back to my ancient roots, well I never left them, but I’m not playing the globalist’s game any more. I will myself to love every one, and to see every one as the Divine Being that they are, no matter who they are, or what ideology they represent.

They have free will to believe as they will, and I refuse to judge or condemn any one any more. I can’t, for to judge and criticize and wish bad upon another is in direct violation of Divine Law, and you will revisit the energy you put out. And when you know better and understand how the Universe works, your get back is much harsher.

I want to add to the energy of love and oneness. This is the way to “fight” against energy contrary to Infinite Spirit. You love them, pray for them (people or organizations) who despitefully use you, and envision them doing what you want them to do, all in love. Love dissipates all negativity and wrong thinking and action.

I apologize to all I have offended, or will offend by posts that I wrote while I was angry. I still meant what I said which is why I’m leaving everything up that I wrote, because it came from a good place even if the delivery was waaay off and negative.

I’m sorry that I disseminated the information in a negative and unloving way, and I ask you to forgive me.

I will teach in love! Love is the key. Love is the Answer. I Am Love!



download (2)

I thought I was through for the day. And then, while I was watching the news, I discovered Ol Commie Mangina Morgan Flatline Freeman apologized to the scum bag Mexican President Egg Head Enrique Nieto, because Trump employed the National Guard to protect our Southern Borders since the New World Order Globalists in Congress wouldn’t enact laws to do so.

Meanwhile, Meh Hee Co damned sure has its borders protected, and if you somehow make it in without getting killed, the Meh Hee Can govt doesn’t protect and coddle its illegal aliens since they can’t vote .

The Meh Hee Can govt abuses and incarcerates its illegal aliens. So Nieto can go to hell the hypocritical slime bag.

This black liberal Hollywood cretin had the audacity to get angry at our wonderful President for doing his damned job and protecting the millions of Americans who don’t have bodyguards, nor do they live in heavily guarded-gated communities like this ancient ass Negroid does.

So all of those creepy Hollowed Wood fucks should STFU because we truly don’t give a shit what you think.

What a truly disturbed senior citizen. Where are his handlers?

Throw Back Thursday- I Have My Own Path


I’m my own person in straight connection to Higher Self and in charge of my own creation- no one has the right to intervene or attempt to curtail what another God feels about anything. Have some fucking respect for how others may feel and think, black racists.

I guess I’m supposed to negate my thoughts, my feelings, my opinions, and all of my empirical research and adopt an ideology my core rejects vehemently? I’m supposed to go against my own inner voice and unctions? What a rabid, twisted, pathological mindset to possess.

And I don’t have to consider the thoughts, opinions nor beliefs of anyone except my damned self. I’ve studied what Black stupid ass racists and the Hip Hop ass wipes believe for the past 10 years, why the fuck should I consider anything that comes out of their dumb ass and uninformed mouths? I DON’T and I WON’T!

Here’s my thoughts from a previous post and I still feel the same way today.

Why do Black Nationalists get so angry at Black Republicans and Conservatives because we differ in thought and ideology?

Why do the aforementioned find it so offensive that a group of black people feel differently about politics and religious views than them?


Why do Black Nationalists take it as a personal affront that there are blacks who do not share their outlook on life, who have not had the same experiences, therefore they are on a different side from them?

Do these same people get offended if I like Pancakes and they like waffles? No, they can sit at the table and eat with no issues.

Do Black Nationalists get angry at Blacks who prefer to wear Saucony as opposed to Jordans? Nope no issues there.

Do Black Racists get angry at other blacks if they prefer kiwi to watermelon, or steak to fried chicken? No, they let you eat what you want to eat, no judgment.

So why is it when it comes to politics do you start with the hateful comments and pejoratives? Why do you attack people for their thoughts and opinions just because they differ from yours? Is this mature, intelligent and enlightened behavior? Hell No!

I’m 54 and I’ve NEVER been called a nigger by any other race to my face but by my own. And you wonder why I have no respect for the liberal black.

How many niggers, coons, uncle Toms and sambos have I been called over the past 10 years by black liberal fools? MANY! So many that it stopped affecting me many many moons ago.

I clearly remember the first time another black person called me a nigger- the physical pain that went through my heart as I read that word nigger over and over again with tears streaming down my face. I would tear up every time I thought of it…until I got called so many nasty names from liberal blacks that I became numb to the names, and to black liberals.

The only reason why y’all hate us so much is you feel we are obstructing your voice and histrionics to claim racism every chance you get. If there are blacks saying no it’s not true, and they won’t go along with your victim theology, I guess you black racists feel that takes away some of your force, with your entitlement, tribe mentality.


Here’s the thing- Just because I’m brown skinned doesn’t mean I have to agree with the mass mind that has been imposed upon the black mentality. I’m more black than any of you black Democrats, not allowing myself to be a pawn for the white globalists.

Don’t get mad at me because I see through your bullshit and won’t support the overthrow of a duly elected President who is undoing all of the damage caused by that Indonesian Piece Of Shit Barack Obama Soebarkah who the ignorant blacks are still lauding as the best President ever just because he was 1/2 black, or so they wanted you to believe.

Barack Obama Soebarkah is white and Indonesian and you’d know this if you did any research ON YOUR OWN and stopped listening to fat ass Roland Martin and News One Now!

Which brings to mind- no one has answered this question yet- Why are Black Supremacists angry at Trump? WHY? What exactly has he done to harm the Black Cmty? Or are you just listening to the Black Hollywood Globalists who gives two shit about you unless you are worshiping them and heeding their voice?

I’ll bet half of you never even looked into the name Soebarkah.. I do investigative journalist type of research and trust me I’ve looked deep into what and who the Democratic Party is and they have been using and abusing the Black Community for over a century, starting with the Jew and White created NAACP.

You Black Supremacists have the nerves to want to hold someone hostage to your warped ass anti-American, Communist, Marxist, Socialist ideology just because we share the same hue.

I just had a dude tell me yesterday if I were in Detroit they’d beat me and rape me and kill my punk ass. LMFAO Are you fucking serious, that this is what it has come to? And this behavior is okay to the Democrats too. Fucking animals. If this isn’t an example of how black Democrats, liberals suffer from mental illness, I don’t know what is.

Look- you black racists need to learn how to accept the fact that not all blacks are gonna think alike, and should not have to keep quiet about their views just because they differ from yours.


You look and sound very stupid and rudimentary in your thought process. It is imbecilic not to have respect for thoughts and opinions that differ from your own. That shows a people who have not evolved past their own nose, which is why you can’t get respect except amongst your own peers.

Although I pity you for being a Democrat and wonder what the fuck is wrong with you, I don’t hate you, wish you bad, nor call you names because of your beliefs. It’s your right…well I’m lying.

When I refer to you I might slip and call you a dumb nigger because of your inability to just let people be- but hell, blacks call one another nigger all of the time, so that shouldn’t be too offensive, right?

I pronounce an Awakening to the mentality, Mind and Souls of the members of the Black Community, and I rebuke the cloak of darkness that has prevailed over us as a whole.

You Are Free From This Moment Forth. Your 3rd Eye Is Now Clear. Your Soul Awakens And Begins To Ascend. You Will Never Be The Same. So Mote It Be.





Old Race Baiting Asshole Al Sharpton


What a lying ass despicable, hypocritical ol fool Al Sharpton is.

He was on MSNBC talking shit about Trump, trying to push the “Trump is racist” crap since the Russia Russia Russia lie didn’t work.

Here’s what the lying negro said, ”

“”what people really don’t understand, for those of us who grew up in the King movement and the generation after King, is that we mark the 50th anniversary with the challenges that we have a president that has made this kind of racial divide and intolerance become vogue again because when you look at what Donald Trump is doing around questions of people of color, Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, he has reintroduced what Dr. King’s life was against.”

Exactly what has Trump done against the aforementioned, especially the black community?

And he isn’t doing anything against Mexicans or Latinos either. Securing our borders is not racist.

Every country secures their citizens against invaders. I dare you to sneak into Mexico and see what happens to you.

And what has Trump done against Muslims? Make the vetting process more difficult? He banned the exact same Muslim countries that Obama did…no one said anything. Not a damned mumbling word.


What other People Of Color has the Trump Administration abused? See, this motherfucker is used to making blanket statements to his stupid ass followers that go unchecked, but I’m calling this water head bitch out.

That’s all the black liberal schmucks can do is use the race and victim card, because they have nothing else to run on.

What psychologically demented, deranged twisted creatures are liberals.


Let’s talk about his crazy ass brother Kenneth Glasgow who drove an armed man named Jaime Towne to look for his stolen car, and Jaime shot and killed a 23 year old woman he thought had stolen his care…after attending an anti-gun rally against the NRA!

Glasgow is now charged with Capital Murder. Oh he’s also a “Reverend” political activist. Hyuck!

Liberals are hypocritical fools. The entire lot of them.